Why is Football so Popular in the World and What Are Its Features?

Football is the most popular kind of sport in the USA and it is also incredibly popular in Canada and other countries of the Western Hemisphere. If you’re completely unfamiliar with the basic principles of the game, you’ll be interested in learning more. Let’s get started!

Principles and Main Rules

The aim of the game is to collect points. You can get them by bringing a special ball to the edge zone from the opponent’s side of the field. The ball can be passed between your teammates, thrown toward the goal, or kicked. The side with the most goals at the end of the match wins. A draw can also happen, although it rarely appears in the news bulletins.

At the same time, the sport is very competitive and physically demanding, because it is possible to stop the opponent in different ways. Including the frequent use of force and elements of the struggle. Therefore, players can be injured or slightly bruised during a match.

Development History

The birth of American football began in the middle of the nineteenth century. In Britain at that time, rugby was very popular. If we compare these sports, we can see that they are very similar. Therefore, we can assume that it was rugby that became the progenitor of modern football in the USA.

The first game at the professional level took place between the squads of Rutgers University and Princeton. It happened back in 1869, and then Rutgers won with a score of 6-4. Following their example, high school and college coaches across the country assembled football teams and began arranging for friendly matches.

Reasons for Popularity

Football’s rating among television viewers in the United States is breaking all records. Many respondents call it their favorite sport, ranking it above basketball, hockey, and soccer. Often parents take their children to learn it from an early age or play it themselves in the backyard.

It can be stated that it has become part of the culture of the inhabitants of the country and is actively supported by community organizations and the government.

The most popular association is the NFL. Thirty-two teams play in it every year. Moreover, the budget of the organization and the prize funds are several times larger than some of the major championships of other sports. Also, the NFL breaks records for the number of television viewers.

Every season is broadcast on more than half of US TV sets and in 150 other countries. Videos of themed parties and family game viewings, full of emotion and adrenaline from what you see, circulate on the Internet.

Student leagues constitute a separate point of interest. Men from college and the university bench devote a lot of time to physical development and participation in their alma mater’s athletic life. Funding for student projects does not reach the colossal amounts inherent in the NFL.

But it also has its magnitude. Four stadiums in North America hold more than a hundred thousand fans. That’s staggering!

That said, the respective governing bodies have created an interesting system of mobility and mutual respect between the different leagues. Matches between teams from high schools, colleges, and professional teams do not overlap on days to allow spectators to attend wherever they want.

Also, a person who wants to pursue a career in this area can easily develop and make their way to the big leagues without any bureaucratic hurdles.

The Need for Physical Development and Strategic Thinking

Every match is unique, and predicting its trajectory is difficult. But the two criteria necessary for professional athletes allow them to minimize the percentage of chance and decide for themselves how the game will go.

That said, the physical component is important for every athlete. After all, without good preparation, it will be impossible to run several miles in a short period of time carrying several dozen pounds of armor. That’s why coaches dedicate most of their training to general physical preparation.

Strategy is handled by a separate staff. Members of the club are important to be in its development and carefully understand everything that is said. Only by considering the general concept and playing as a team can the desired result be achieved.

Health Hazards

The main criticism aimed at banning or restricting the game comes from the great health hazards of this sport. Athletes who played in the early twentieth century took great risks to their health. It is known that more than eighteen people died in one year in 1905. All of them were college students.

This provided the impetus for the development of the field safety movement. The governing bodies introduced special uniforms and armor, simplified some rules, and banned injury-prone techniques. Today, the fatality rate has dropped significantly. But experts warn people to be as careful as possible and watch their well-being.

Statistics say that recent deaths are increasingly associated with excessive exertion, especially during heat waves. It is also stated that almost 60% of deaths among college youth during sports fall on American football.

Therefore, parents of high school students and adults should think carefully about their choices and not risk their lives if there are prerequisites for possible problems.

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