Footballer Bradley Chubb Responded to Rumors of a Possible Trade before the Next Game

The Denver Broncos have gotten off to a poor start in the league this season. Two consecutive losses and a painful knee injury to the quarterback in charge have broken the team’s morale. Against this backdrop, rumors of a possible trade of two of the team’s players shortly before the next game are emerging in the media space.

Bradley Chubb, one of the players who may leave the team has commented on the situation.

The Broncos and Jaguars are scheduled to play next weekend at Wembley. After a string of losses, the Denver outfielders intend to bounce back and are actively preparing for the meeting. But the recent setbacks have already cemented themselves in fans’ minds and have led to great doubts about the competence of the new coach as well as the integrity of the team as a whole.

Jerry Judy and Bradley Chubb have already arrived in Great Britain to take part in the event and have no plans to abandon their plans. But the transfer period ends Tuesday, and it is likely that one of them will leave the club. This is due to the decision of the management and the players themselves will not be able to influence the situation.

Reporters were able to get comments from several members of the football club. Wilson, the primary quarterback says the following: “It’s important for us to stay together. We’re more than a team, we love each other and it would boost morale a lot.”

Wilson also talked about his conversation with the players who are at risk. He said: “It doesn’t matter what people say behind your backs. The more popular and better you are, the more people will want to have you. That’s your praise.”

The quarterback also said he thinks Chubb is one of the best captains in a long time. Bradley knows how to energize a team and is determined to succeed. The same goes for Jerry. Judy has had the best results of his career and is progressing day by day. The athlete is sure that his progress is visible to the naked eye and it would be a mistake to trade such a valuable staff.

Justin Simmons, one of the football club’s security specialists, also gave his opinion. He clarified that any trade is always part of business and it’s often not about the player’s identity or his relationship with the team. Justin loves working with Chubb and Judy and would be greatly disappointed if the men had to leave their home team.

Justin urges fans and players not to react to unconfirmed rumors and to trust only the facts. And also to focus on the upcoming game, because news can always be bad and ugly, but you have to keep working.